Unlock Inner Power

Talent Zone helps you to discover, appreciate and develop your greatest talents into strengths, while preventing weaknesses from becoming obstacles. It helps you to be more of who you already are, to make your best contributions as a leader, entrepreneur, team manager, team member, person and as a family member.
Be at your best!



I invite you to think who you really are and what do you care about. Care gives you the courage to do things and be successful in life. Become more of who you are in the day to day life, as a leader, entrepreneur, professional or family member; discover and learn to use your strengths intentionally. Leave prejudgments aside when you think, act and talk.

Leadership starts with you and provokes leadership in others being at work or in your personal life. As a group at work or in the family we need each other to achieve results. Respect what people can do best. They will feel better and perform the best.

What strengths do you bring to the table? Did you ever meet people or teams that are working hard but do not get desired results? What could make the difference? Do you know who could be your Partners?

I encourage managers, organizations and you to value and use in the best possible way the people’s diversity for maximizing work—life experience and performance. Life and work can be harder due to lack of communication, collaboration and innovation.

Leadership & Organization Development

Leadership is personal. Leadership is attributed to a person to explain the success obtained after the action. Leadership has a key role for organization development. Leadership provokes commitment, CARE in other people. People behaviors and actions are shaped by commitment.
Take care of what people care about!

Leaders have a custodian role in safeguarding and improving organizational health and performance.

– Leadership Strategies in Action
– Organization Development Strategies
– Emotional Intelligence
– Managerial Ethics and Quality of Work Life
– Strengths Based Organizational Culture
– Entrepreneurial Abilities

Strengths-Based Development
What’s in it for me?

Create a positive personal & work life experience for individuals, teams, organizations putting talent on first place via increased awareness, strengths based coaching and development. Guide leadership teams, managers and organizations in understanding and applying their greatest, dominant talents, and learn to manage weaknesses not to fix them. This will increase 6 times the engagement, 3 times the quality of individuals’ life and will improve productivity by 7.8%, according to Gallup’s research.

Gallup has studied human nature and behavior for more than 75 years. Gallup was the first organization to intentionally research and record information about human strengths and has studied the organizational impact of strengths-based development. Strengths-Based Development and Strengths Finder are the culmination of Gallup’s team research effort starting with Dr. Clifton’s lifelong work on the subject. Dr. Clifton is considered the Father of Strengths-Based Psychology.

Strengths-Based Development for Executives

Increases the in-depth understanding of own leadership potential and guides the development of own leadership style. Leadership starts with you! Increase your personal impact on people’s engagement and business results developing your dominant talents into strengths and understanding when your strengths could be misused. You don’t have to imitate the leaders you admire. Just learn the best from each of them and apply it your own way, unlocking your talents.

Strengths-Based Development for Executive Teams

Improves team dynamics, collaboration, cross-functional teamwork, innovation, partnerships) and behavior through team profiling, team coaching and facilitation. Strengths-based team development helps to unite diverse personalities to work together to achieve their goals and performance outcomes. It creates a constructive environment for building a team culture of collaboration and partnership.

Strengths-Based Coaching for Managers

Increases awareness on own talents & behaviors, developing & leveraging their applicability with coaching support. Strengths-Based Coaching helps managers to discover, develop and use their unique talents to increase team engagement and productivity. Great Managers must be able to understand and appreciate their employees’ talents and strengths.

Strengths-Based Coaching for Teams

Increases awareness on each other talents, mitigates weaknesses and focuses on increasing collective performance. Unlock collective talent of the team! You can achieve more when working together and intentionally tapping into each other’s talent. Teams that focus on strengths are 12.5% more productive and 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup’s research.